(1/4/2016) – In this deliverable D1.2 the project roadmap is presented. It contains a detailed planning of the SEGRID project, together with the short term and long-term goals and milestones of the project applied to the SEGRID use cases, including the responsibilities and deadlines.

The SEGRID project has defined five use cases that are exemplary for the gradually evolving system concept of Smart Grids in Europe. The use cases will be used to identify new cyber-threats and vulnerabilities as well as the gap between available and needed cyber security solutions for Smart Grids. The SEGRID use cases have been selected considering:

  1. The relevance for new business, economic growth, and supporting the introduction of more sustainable and locally generated power.
  2. Addition of new functionality and components that inherently will introduce new vulnerabilities and a wider cyber-attack surface.
  3. In this deliverable D1.2 the project roadmap is presented.

This deliverable also describes the “story” of the SEGRID project, by unfolding the existing connections between the different deliverables. Some of the deliverables require important inputs from others, and in some cases, there are deliverables that represent improved versions from previous, due to the learning that emerge throughout the project, and the work and research being done.

SEGRID D 1.2 – Smart Grid security Roadmap – Public – final