(1/3/2017) – During previous research by SEGRID into gaps in policies, legalities and regulations, we discovered multiple gaps that hinder in one way or another innovation and research in smart grids, within the field of cyber security and data protection. We have refined this research by sending out a questionnaire, and taking several interviews with various stakeholders within the energy sector, smart grid innovators, Distribution System Operators, etc.

From this research we found similarities to our previous research to underpin our findings, as well as new insights that were found to be highly relevant to this research. One of our primary findings is the requirement for harmonisation in policies, legalities and regulations between member states of the EU, due to the interconnected nature of smart grids. Another is the value of information sharing between member states on cyber security incidents, for example the requirement for reporting a breach of personal information. Based on the gaps found we propose recommendations on improving policies, legalities and regulations in order to boost innovation for smart grids, with regards to security and data protection.

SEGRID D1.6 – PU – Recommendations of improving smart grid security policies – final