(1/10/2016) – This document presents a roadmap for Smart Grid security from the perspective of the SEGRID partners project. The document is aimed at different groups.

First, it is aimed at DSOs and manufacturers. This roadmap is meant to give them an overview of which technologies and methods they can use to bring their technologies to the next level. For the short term this includes currently available technologies and methods coming from other fields such as IT and telecommunications. In the long term it includes technologies and methods coming out of research.

Second, it is aimed at researchers and policy makers in the research field. The roadmap aims to give them some insight into the specific challenges DSOs have in securing the Smart Grid. Hopefully this will lead researchers to find new application areas for their innovations, and will help to steer the research agenda for Smart Grid security in the right direction.

Finally, it is aimed at policy makers and standardization bodies especially in the area of Smart Grid security risk assessments. With the extensive work that has been done within SEGRID on risk assessments, we thought it important to inform these groups of how we think risk assessment methods will evolve in the future.

SEGRID D2.4 SEGRID Roadmap – final