This document is the dissemination plan for the SEGRID project. The Dissemination Plan (DP) describes the approach of SEGRID regarding dissemination objectives, plans, activities target audience and results.

Section 2 describes the dissemination strategy and measurable dissemination objectives, while section 3 identifies the SEGRID stakeholders and the target audience for the dissemination activities, considering their specific information needs.

Section 4 provides details on the organization of the dissemination activities and the specific scope of the activities. Section 5 lists the channels and media that SEGRID intends to utilize in the dissemination activities, including a detailed list of messages and hints tailored according to the category of the audiences and stakeholder groups, in terms of content, format, style and support. Also in section 5 are the projects, organizations and standardization activities that SEGRID aims to liaise with. Finally in chapter 6, the work plan is laid down, describing the planning for all dissemination activities and their intended results.

D6.2 – Dissemination Plan