The SEGRID dissemination objectives are:

  • To inform the user community, involving citizens, companies and public authorities about developments in the protection of smart grids.
  • To raise awareness among all relevant stakeholders (e.g. policy makers, regulatory bodies, utility companies and smart grid equipment manufacturers) of the risks of cyber-attacks on smart grids and how to addresses these risks;
  • To develop the SEGRID smart grid security white paper composed of project results specifically targeted to raise awareness among policy makers and higher management of stakeholders;
  • To organise and/or publish results in international event(s) to inform the scientific and business community (i.e. utility companies and smart grid equipment manufacturers) as well as policy makers and decision makers about the project, its goals and achievements and to gather valuable information on related issues;
  • To develop and implement an interactive and user friendly web site to inform the general public and relevant stakeholders about the project; EU FP7 Project SEGRID CP  GA No 607109 D6.3 First dissemination report Page 6 of 12 Classification level: Public
  • To produce an exploitation plan which will include a list of opportunities that arise from the project’s achievements and a detailed analysis of benefit and impact for the consortium as a whole as well as for the results of individual participants.

SEGRID dissemination activities are conducted in Work package 6.

The first dissemination report can be found here: D6.3 – First dissemination report – PU