The SEGRID project used this SEGRID storyline, to guide the research and developments. Although this approach worked good to collaboratively identify and work on important cyber security and privacy challenges, when presenting the SEGRID results the storyline did not provide a framework for presenting all results in a coherent manner. In order to present the SEGRID results better, we decided to create a new storyline for presenting the SEGRID results that clearly shows how the results fit together to protect Smart Grids against cyber-attacks, and present the SEGRID results in context of a single use case, in particularly use case 2 scenario 2 (UC2.2) – balancing MV renewable energy centrally. This deliverable describes the new storyline to present the SEGRID results and a brief overview of the SEGRID results in context of UC2.2 as they have been presented at the SEGRID Summit.

D6.8 Elaborate use case scenario