SEGRID (Security for Smart Electricity GRIDs)

Project type: Collaborative project – small or medium scale focused research project
Grant agreement no: 607109
Thematic Priority: FP7-SEC-2013-1
Start date of project: October 1st, 2014
Duration: 36 months
Coordinator: TNO, The Netherlands


SEGRID’s main objective is to enhance the protection of smart grids against cyber-attacks. We do this by applying a risk management analysis approach to a number of smart grid use cases (the SEGRID use cases), which will define security requirements and determine gaps in current security technologies, standards and regulations. The identified gaps and the analysis itself will give input to the enhancement of risk assessment methodologies and the development of novel security measures for smart grids.

The full presentation of this project, its partners, targets and other information can be found in our  General presentation.