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Organisatie voor toegepast natuurwetenschappelijk onderzoek TNO

TNO, the largest not-for-profit Dutch Research and Technology Organisation was founded by Dutch law in 1932 as a government research organisation with the main objective to support Dutch government and industry. Nowadays TNO’s scope is wider and has developed into one of the leading RTOs in Europe on a wide variety of technological and societal challenges for national and European government, leading business companies and societal organisations.


The Netherlands


Research Institute of Sweden (RISE SICS)

RISE SICS is a leading research institute for applied information and communication technology. Focus areas are Learning machines (Next generation Cloud and Big Data Analytics), Software and Systems Engineering, Security and Privacy, and the Internet of Things.




Kungliga Tekniska högskolan (KTH)

KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm is the largest and oldest technical university in Sweden. No less than one-third of Sweden’s technical research and engineering education capacity at university level is provided by KTH. The project team consist of members of the cyber security and systems architecture group at the department for industrial information and control systems at the school of electrical engineering. The group has a long history of research performed in close cooperation with the power industry with the focus on analysis of non-functional properties of system architectures.




Instituto Consultivo para el Desarrollo (INCODE)

INCODE is a SME company focused on research and development in ethical, privacy, legal issues security, transport, logistics, energy, environment, health and telecommunication. It is located in Seville, Spain. INCODE is member of PESI (Spanish Industrial Security Platform).




European Network for Cyber Security (ENCS)

The mission of the European Network for Cyber Security (ENCS) is to improve the resilience of European critical infrastructures. ENCS is a not-for-profit cooperative association of members and partners from government, academia, and industry. ENCS focuses on research & development, testing, monitoring, education & training, and information & knowledge sharing. ENCS is active in the research community, standards organizations, and expert groups.


The Netherlands


Liander NV

Alliander operates energy networks which distribute gas and electricity to large parts of the Netherlands. With our work we facilitate businesses, homes, transport and recreation. We want to strengthen and empower society by providing free access to the energy infrastructure and giving our customers more insight into their energy consumption. Alliander is helping to bring an open and sustainable energy market closer. Our most important task is to distribute gas and electricity to consumers, businesses and institutions. The network operators Liander and Endinet make this possible by keeping the energy networks in good condition, taking care of distribution and connecting customers to the energy networks. In response to the rapidly changing energy landscape, we are working hard to build a future-proof and open network that can accommodate multiple energy providers. To obtain insight into society’s energy ambitions at all levels, we consult with provinces, municipalities and other customers. We help them resolve their energy issues and develop complex energy infrastructures.


The Netherlands


ABB AS corporate research

ABB is a global leader in power and automation technologies. Our solutions improve the efficiency, productivity and quality of our customers’ operations while minimizing environmental impact. Innovation is at the forefront of what we do and many of the technologies that drive modern society were pioneered by ABB. In particular, Smart Grids is a focused area of development within ABB. ABB is involved in many Smart Grid pilot projects around the world where both short and long term operational and security aspects of this technology are studied.




Foundation of the Faculty of Sciences of Lisbon University (FFCUL)

The Fundação da Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa (FFCUL) is a private non-profit organization, created in 1993, as an initiative of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon (FCUL), in order to manage its R&D projects. The project team will be composed of researchers from the Large-Scale Informatics Systems Laboratory (LaSIGE), a research unit under the umbrella of FFCUL, and researchers from the Department of Informatics (DI) of FCUL. The proposing team from LaSIGE is the Navigators group, which has been addressing architecture and infrastructure issues of distributed systems, namely the aspects of large-scale, performance, dependability, security and real-time, both of system support and applications (more info on the Navigators group at http://www.navigators.di.fc.ul.pt/).




Energias de Portugal (EDP)

EDP is a global energy player with a strong presence in Europe, Brazil and considerable investments in USA. EDP is the World leader in the Electric Sector in Dow Jones Sustainability Index, the 3rd World wind energy company and has the biggest European hydro project portfolio under development (+ 3,5 Gw).

Within this #1 Portugal industrial Group, EDP Distribuição is the Portuguese Distribution System Operator (DSO), with more than 6 million customers , about 400 HV/MV Primary Substations, 60.000 MV/LV Secondary Substations, 80.000 km of HV and MV Networks and 140.000 km of LV Network.




ZIV smart grid solutions by CG

ZIV metering solutions is now part of CG. A company ready for the new market challenges with a SMART GRID portfolio supported by CG’s own technology and commercialized under ZIV brand. CG premises in Bilbao, Spain, host the center of excellence for the development of smart grid solutions, while the new research centre for G3-PLC technology is sited Grenoble, France. These two factories together will enable CG to be ready to face with agility coming large-scale smart grid deployments. CG is committed to provide a complete portfolio of solutions to help utilities make the smart grid real.

Website: http://www.meteringsolutions.ziv.es/