The SEGRID Summit on October 2nd 2017, was a big success. We had a very diverse audience from both the private and the public sector. During the day the storyline and the results of SEGRID were presented. Several demos supported by poster presentations were available for the audience to gain in depth insight in the SEGRID results.

Please click below for the presentations and posters:

General presentation [PDF]
Cost Assessment [PDF]
Operational Security Capability for DSOs [PDF]
Resilient Communications [PDF]
SmartGridSecurity & UseCase2 scenario 2 [PDF]
Security & Privacy Architecture DEsign (SPADE) [PDF]
Security for smart Electricity GRIDs [PDF]
Vulnerability Assessment Using Attack Graphs (and securiCAD®) [PDF]

Vulnerability Detection and Correction with WAP

SEGRID Risk Management Methodology

Prevention of Injection Attacks in DBMS

Intrusion-Tolerant SCADA System

Privacy Design Strategies for the smart gird

Active Vulnerability Assessment Tool

Enhancing the protection of smart grids against cyber attacks

Key management for group software distribution

Robust(D)TLS-based secure communications

SEGRID is a collaboration project, funded by the EU under the FP7 program. SEGRID partners are DSOs, manufacturers, knowledge institutions and universities.
SEGRID’s main objective is to enhance the protection of Smart Grids against cyber-attacks.

SEGRID has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme
for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no. 607109